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H. CON. RES. 96 by Eddie B. Johnson

Congress recognizes the significant achievements and contributions of African American women scientists, mathematicians, and inventors and supports the establishment of a special day to honor them.

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Women's Equality Summit

Women's Equality

Seems like a simple thing to ask for but the United States has yet to pass the bill to agree that it is a simple request. Digital Sisters' fights for women's equality in technology every day. If this was a simple thing to ask for Digital Sisters would have no need to exist. If you ask your neighbors about women's equality they would tell you that we already have it in place but we don't.

What can you do to make sure this happens? Tell your Senators and your representatives in congress that you believe that the Women's Equality Amendment should be passed.



Trainers, Volunteers, and Interns are needed!!!!! Holidays ALLI Business Partner
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We are in need of several trainers, volunteers and Interns for various projects related to our program.

Applications and Enrollment forms are available for download.
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Our Technology donation program is going strong. We have received several large donations. We will be working with Kid Safe Inc. and begin an application process for more organizations and individuals to apply for our computers.

To donate computers or other equipment check our specs here, or contact us.

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We are looking for internship locations for our ALLI program. We getting participants certified in Customer Service utilizing technologies. We are looking for placements for one or two weeks were participants get hands on training in addition give support to your business. For more information please contact us.
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